Energy Monitors

OWL "Standalone" Electricity Monitors are simple devices aimed at giving the householder a low cost, quick to install and easy to use device to help understand domestic electricity consumption.  The monitor shows consumption or cost per hour (or kwh if preferred), and has a CO2 equivalent reading too.  Because the monitor is wireless and portable, the householder can easily walk around the house and observe, by switching on and off, how much energy particular devices are using.  They can also see the overall consumption by  day / week / month and compare periods to see if savings have been made.

 OWL Micro+  OWL +USB


We offer two models.  OWL Micro+ is the entry level product, designed for simplicity and cost effectiveness, but still with a number of configurable features and alarm functions.  OWL +USB is a more advanced product with a PC link (not compatible with MAC) to upload usage data to store and review graphically.

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